Your Full-Service Realtor in Balsam Lake


With 15+ years of customer service and client relationship experience, I make buying or selling a home more of a path and not a process. I will walk with you and your family through questions you may have and with my extensive network of businesses and community members in our area, there is never a shortage of answers! 

I have a passion for real estate and the community that I call home - I would love to help you make your dreams a reality whether that is with buying or selling here in Balsam Lake. 

Home Evaluations

If you aren’t sure whether you are ready to sell and just want to talk to a professional realtor, give me a call! I will evaluate your home for FREE and walk you through the process. Remember, your goals are my goals and even if you are just starting to think about selling, I want to make it an easy and smooth path. 

Home Prep

With 15+ years in the real estate industry, I know what it takes to sell a home. Home prep is about giving potential buyers a dream that they want to achieve. When you show them that, it can make the difference between multiple buyers and above and beyond asking prices. 

Contact me today to start talking about making your dreams a reality!